An Unforgettable Adventure: The Best Place to Swim With Whale Sharks

What comes to mind at the mention of adventure? Maybe thoughts of a cruise on China’s Yangtze River, searching for penguins in Antarctica, or white water rafting in Idaho comes to mind. Almost everyone knows someone who is a world traveler or adventure seeker. There is that nature loving friend in every circle. Getting out in nature and accomplishing a rare task will surely fulfill the most avid adventuring nature lover. There may even be an adventure one has never considered before. Australia’s western coast offers just the opportunity to explore new experiences.

What exactly is a whale shark?

The endangered whale shark is the largest fish in the world, boasting a five foot wide mouth containing 350 rows of small teeth, a length up to 40 feet long, and a weight up to 47,000 pounds (roughly the size of a school bus!) While whale sharks are technically sharks, they act very much like whales. Whale sharks have skeletons made of cartilage rather than bone, use gill slits to take in oxygen, and have pectoral fins like other shark species. These massive fish also utilize filter pads in order to filter feed on such delicacies as plankton, krill, shrimp, and fish eggs like the baleen whale. How can these gentle giants provide an adventure for nature lovers?

Who wants to dive with the whale sharks?

Three Islands Whale Shark Dive at Exmouth on Western Australia’s Coral Coast wants to provide the most adventurous nature lovers the best place to swim with whale sharks in the world. Having won multiple awards for their contribution to tourism, the knowledgeable staff is dedicated to the safety, satisfaction, and customer service of clients. The goal of Three Islands Whale Shark Dive is to be sure customers see the grand fish the program has promised to show them, and staff members do so by providing education, gear, safety, and more for the dive. The expedition even has a plane that will go out to scout the exact location of a whale shark for the day’s participants to experience. And if for some reason, there is not a whale shark to be found, Three Islands Whale Shark Dive’s guarantee is top notch. Adventure travelers and nature lovers alike will make lifetime memories diving with the gentle, slowly vanishing giant fish known as the whale shark near the beautiful Ningaloo Reef.