Check Out This North Carolina Waterfall And More

Both North and South Carolina have beautiful sites to see and lots of enjoyable things to do. But, how does a person find them all? Before going to the Carolina’s, check out sites such as HD Carolina’s Blog. These sites offer a collection of videos showcasing the best sites and events in the Carolina’s. The traveler can decide where to go for sightseeing and even for the best cuisine. One North Carolina Waterfall to see is Big Bradley Falls.

Big Bradly and Other Waterfalls in the Carolinas

Waterfalls are exciting and beautiful to see but they are not without risks. Big Bradley Waterfalls can only be accessed by advanced hikers. But for those willing to make the effort, it is breathtaking. There are a number of beautiful waterfalls to see in both North and South Carolina. When viewing waterfalls there are a few safety tips that can literally save lives.

  • Know that waterfalls can be hazardous and take the proper precautions. Listen to the guides.
  • Stay on the trails and marked areas at all times. Don’t take chances.
  • Never go into a stream or creek above a waterfall. The surfaces will be wet and slippery and the water currents can be very strong.
  • Never, never attempt to climb waterfalls.
  • Also, never jump off a waterfall to the pool below. It is too dangerous and can lead to death or serious injury.
  • If it doesn’t feel safe, avoid doing it. If there are guides near, listen to them.

Other Things To Do

In addition to waterfalls, visitors to the Carolinas should experience the Blue Ridge Parkway. It offers snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, hiking, and other activities in a beautiful setting. Chimney Rock and other scenic areas can be found and enjoyed as weather permits. Visitor’s centers and online blogs can supply a long list of activities and places to see. Each season has its own events to enjoy. The cuisine in different parts of North and South Carolina is worth sampling time and time again. To see and do everything these states have to offer may take more than one trip.

Plan on visiting at different times of the year for different events. Go to the website for more information.