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The Bodybuilder’s Best Protein Friends

Proteins are foods that are literally involved in the task of building up and repairing the body muscle tissue. The simplest protein unit, the amino acid, is what builds up the muscle cells.
A bodybuilder’s consumption of proteins is determined by the number of tasks they perform and whether they are taking any supplements. The smallest protein amount for any bodybuilder should be 3/4 of 1 gram protein per body weight. The standard male body requires a daily net protein consumption of 120 grams.
It is advisable to choose meats which are leaner as they are richer in protein content. However, not many have the courage to take unusual combinations on their list of meals in the name of adding up to their daily protein need. This is the reason why protein supplements in the form of shakes are becoming popular.

Protein shakes are available in varying flavors, which makes them much more popular than before. MRP (Meal Replacement) and Protein Shakes are the two types of protein shakes available on sale. MRPs are not preferred as much by bodybuilders due to their increased fat and carbohydrate content. Protein Shakes have carbohydrates below 5g and proteins between 20-25g, which favors the bodybuilders who would wish to hit the 200g per day target much faster.

Five of the many proteins in the protein shakes supplements form the cornerstone for a bodybuilder’s needs. The diverse advantages and disadvantages associated with the different proteins dictate their combination of choice for maximum benefit.

Whey, tops the list. Due to its rich endowment with branched amino acids, it is used as a standard against all other proteins. Nonethless, too much of whey poses digestion problems and bloating associated with high lactose, since it’s a dairy product.

Casein, also from milk, is known for taking longer digestion periods in the stomach. Though lesser in body-building capacity than whey, its slow digestive nature makes it the best bedtime snack. The muscle cells remain well fed even during a long night’s rest.

Egg protein, though quite costly, is easily digestible and has good bio-availability. Though with all the great qualities, the egg protein amino acid make-up is still not as good as that of whey.

Genus protein is vegetable based, originating from the yellow pea. It contains the highest portions of glutamine and arginine, making it the best complement for whey. With very low fat levels, it is the easiest to digest.
Soy protein, is characterized by female-like estrogen agents which enhance smoothening and fattening of muscles, thus being avoided by bodybuilders.

The best protein shake combination is a mixture of whey and genus protein.

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